British & Turkish Business Association is founded as a business organisation:

  • To influence and provide leadership in the global business community.
  • To promote and foster worldwide trade, industry, commerce and investment, and technical, cultural and community links.
  • To be an effective advocate of regional and international business interests by establishing close and respected liaison with government officials at all levels.
  • To be respected in the broader international business community as a vigorous, influential business organisation.
  • To be widely acknowledged as a significant contact and reference source on all matters relating to business practices, developments and business opportunities in general.
  • To provide a forum for dialogue and contact with senior business leaders and politicians.
  • To actively engage locally, regionally and internationally with counterpart organisations in pursuit of shared interests and mutual benefits.
  • To promote member businesses as a priority through available and feasible means including publications, liaison, advocacy, general referral and representation strategies

In support of achieving these objectives:

  • To achieve significant, organisational growth on behalf of members.
  • To indicatively plan, develop and implement systems and procedures for monitoring progress across the organisation so as to facilitate effective use of resources, to achieve clearly stated goals, and to increase knowledge of members’ interests so the organisation exceeds expectations.
  • To develop, record and clearly communicate policies and guidelines for briefing, guidance, training and development of Executive, committees, staff and members within the organisation and for promoting and representing the organisation and its members outside the organisation.
  • To develop a well balanced set of membership benefits based on a central orientation to business and a deeply informed knowledge of membership interests with appropriate consideration of other valuable cultural, social, and educational aspects of networking and community.
  • To facilitate high relevance formal and informal business networking opportunities (both exclusively and non-exclusively) for members and the community.
  • To develop and maintain resources, facilities, hardware/software systems to support high performance in meeting all demands on the organisation.
  • To establish a full-time, professional Secretariat staff team led by an Executive Director reporting directly within Executive to administer the day to day operations, to advise and guide strategic development and management policies for the organisation and to oversee constructive communication with membership and with key wider community contacts.